Marrying My Dream Job [Part I]

I have been bursting at the seams, holding onto this stellar news for the past month,
but today is the day!
I would like to officially announce,

I am a 2017 -18 Adobe Creative Resident.



The Adobe Creative Residency is an opportunity for creatives to pursue a passion project for an entire year. As shared on the Adobe Creative Residency FAQ page, “The mission is simple: to support the creative community and cultivate a culture of creating and sharing.”

This is the third year for the residency and myself and five other creatives are taking on the part–Jessica Ballamy, Aundre Larrow, & Natalie Lew (US Residents) and Rosa Kammermeier & Julia Nimke (German Residents).

Read more about each resident and find their social media handles here!!

Adobe Creative Resident 2017
Photo: Sarah Deragon


I design longboard decks–a product that isn’t necessarily traditional craft and has the potential to broaden public awareness to the possibilities of intentional art application.
I began designing deck graphics in high school, submitted an Advanced Placement Art Portfolio upon graduating composed of flat demo decks and small-scaled graphics. Explored other mediums throughout college and developed a functional line of skatedecks, t-shirts, and poster prints for my senior show, ROYALTY: The Launch.

With the opportunity of the Adobe Creative Residency, I will create and launch two new seasonal lines of longboards, an additional line boards under my company and/or design graphics for an external company, as well as develop additional graphics for other potential products. I will also build a team of riders to sponsor, and establish all of my products for sale to the public. This residency will be a grander launching pad to my lifelong entrepreneurial goal to inspire others to be mindful during everyday activities. My graphics will be focused in areas I am most creatively passionate about: graphic design, digital illustration, and graffiti/typography; as well as embrace topics such female strength, individuality, sustainability and product quality, and as always, functional and accessible art application.

Ultimately, I hope to build a community inspired to become self-aware with the quality of their lives; an awakening that will resonate in my final pieces. I want to create artwork that has an intentional application to provide an accessible experience, bringing joy and betterment into someone else’s everyday life. I would like to influence the community to push the boundaries of creativity further into aspects of life that have become monotonous, and to refocus public awareness of design, not only as an intentional visual translation and tool for communication but as something both functional and creative to further the cycle of societal engagement.


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