Marrying My Dream Job [Part II]


Let me be honest, the Adobe Creative Residency is my dream job–I get to continue achieving my goals creating mindful design & quality products. The past month and a half has already been a gnarly flow of slide & grind.

I was flown out to San Francisco, twice (both trips in less than a month), without ever before stepping yoga-toes-in-skater-shoes on California soil. Flying from one coast to the other was a feat in itself, but then I was blown away by the culture, creativity, and color that consumed my vision like day-dreamed eye-candy.

Stacy McClure & the film crew @ The Laundry Gallery & Cafe // San Francisco, CA
Lilac Street, Mission District // San Francisco, CA

My stars must have aligned in the most flawless way possible as my second visit to the west coast was just the start of some serious extrasensory perception. I was experiencing things I had only dreamed about… forever. No time was wasted as I met with the film crew in locations that were pure perfection–I worked in a studio with beautifully exposed brick walls and rode my longboard down a graffiti-lined alleyway in the sun. Stacy McClure was a make-up god-send who not only shared some girl talk to calm my nerves, but made me feel confident both outside and in. The next day I had a too short but totally rad portrait session with Sarah Deragon, when she told me of “the photo she dreamed about” and it took everything I had not bust out in fan-girl scream, as that was THE photo I have always wanted to embody. Seriously, major universal-energy is going on. Everything happens for a reason, but that is for another blog post not too far out.

The Photo She Dreamed About // Photo: Sarah Deragon

This is officially the beginning of a life-changing experience.
The next twelve months are going to be one gnarly adventure.

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  1. Chelsea, I don’t get on Facebook or Twitter much these days but I am so very happy for you! You deserve this as your talent is GREAT! I wish you the best and hope you reach for the stars and touch the realm of ART with your heart and soul. For your creative Spirit is wonderful!
    Aunt Jackie

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