Practice, Practice [PART II]

Creative Jam: NIKE / Variation & Iteration

Two months later, I was tracing similar paths around the Pacific Northwest city that now feels like a home-away-from-home.

My second presentation was at an in-house Creative Jam for footwear manufacturing company, Nike. To even comprehend the massive honor of this surreal opportunity to any extent is seemingly impossible as a young creative living in The Rust Belt, growing up across vineyards and neighboring amish towns. I was both honored, and conflicted…


My natural inhibition is to rebel against the “mainstream.” Since the very beginning, I have considered myself as one who simply cannot and does not “sport” (at least not “join a serious team” worthy). The simple thought of being on Nike’s campus had me recalling my accumulated distaste for young athletes developed amid the high school atmosphere, I an introverted-but-sassy art student. But we are branching off-topic here.


Nike was an opportunity to quickly review the way I was presenting my work and understand my upcoming audience compared to my last. This is to say, I do not change views and opinions to appeal to my audience, but rather I consider which of my views and opinions would best interest the current audience. For example, at my first Creative Jam the audience consisted of general professional creatives and my presentation was that of promotion–in which I discussed my residency, ran through my work process, and shared my final products as the merchandise it is. Since Nike is a very large corporation, presenting my work to this audience as merchandise would not resonate quite as strong (if at all). So I reworked my presentation as a way to inform–focusing deeply on my process and the fact that it was all self-taught. During my third Creative Jam presentation (as I will visit in Part III of this post) was at a university for the design students, this audience felt personal to me, so I reworked my presentation again as a display of encouragement.
This cycle of developing, presenting, reworking, and presenting again has allowed me to view my work and myself at a variety of angles at an accelerated rate. Which leads me to my final thought…



Good Eats, Smooth Drinks


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